Culinary Schools 2018

Our site is your best guide to culinary schools for 2018. We strive to maintain an updated list of cooking schools, with course information, contact information, and data. Note: we don't have any affiliation or relationship with any school listed on our site!

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We believe you should follow your culinary passion! If you love food and cooking, a career in the culinary industry may be the right path for you!

The Culinary Profession:

Culinary careers are hot right now! And there's no better time than now to break into the professional world of food.

This guide will help you answer important questions to ask yourself about schools:

  • Is the program designed to make you a professional chef in the industry, or does it cater to amateur chefs?
  • What degrees and programs does the school offer?
  • What are the entrance requirements?
  • Are there student-run restaurants?
  • What cuisines does the school specialize in?
  • Is it a for-profit or non-profit run institution?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is there financial help available?
  • What does the surrounding area offer?
  • What careers will I qualify for when I graduate?
  • Does the school provide housing options?

These are just some of the questions you'll find answers for here.

Culinary schools offer you the opportunity to work with the finest ingredients and tools in a professional kitchen. You will meet like-minded students and teachers with a passion for food and cooking. You will gain the important culinary skills that will last a lifetime and prepare you for real world careers!

Make your passion your career!

The first step starts here...find the best culinary school for you!

When choosing, remember that application deadlines are important and final--check the application deadlines for the school you are interested in now. Start your search early.

Recreational non-professional cooking programs are on the rise and gaining in popularity so we will be listing these as we find them for those wanting to learn more on specialized topics. helps students find the school which best matches their needs whether for professional or recreational programs. This guide is organized by state and region, and offers culinary career information.

Reviews: See our Culinary School Reviews: August Open House at Art Institutes.

Classes For the Amateur Cook:

See our list of schools with cooking classes for those who just want to improve their cooking skills.  Some schools are designed just for the amateur cook while others are for the professional and have short-term or one-day classes for adults and kids.  These schools may well have cooking parties, classes for the seasons, theme classes, and many other creative events.

Grab your apron and Chef's hat because the kitchen is calling you.

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Disclaimer:  This web site is informational only.  It is not intended to offer recommendations, advice or opinion.  Always verify information and do your own careful research of schools.