Vermont Culinary Schools

vegan cheesecake Did Vermont come to mind when thinking of culinary schools? Vermont culinary schools includes the third best culinary school in the country, where passion fuels passion--and, of course, we are talking about your passion for food.

There aren't many culinary schools in Vermont. Other choices are ones in nearby states like New Hampshire, New York or Massachusetts. The least expensive choices would be at community colleges in these states.

The only culinary school listed here is one of the top culinary schools in the country.

New England Culinary Institute

If you feel your passion for food reaches the highest limits, maybe the prestigious New England culinary school is for you. A total immersion in all things culinary. Some famous graduates include Iron Chef Alton Brown.

Your first step? Take a tour. On Friday mornings, the school offers a comprehensive tour to help you decide if their intense immersion is for you.

If you love the farm to table philosophies, farmers markets and fresh organic, consider that the NECI is located nearby from the Capital City Farmer's Market where almost 100 vendors bring their local Vermont farm produce and many source to NECI's school and restaurants.

Programs at NECI are:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Management
  • Online Programs

And if you are anxious to get your food career going, some will have you ready for a professional career in as little as six months. Talk to their advisor about what your goals are. Veterans, career changers, high school graduates, or international students--if food is your passion, you may love the NECI.

56 College Street, Montpelier, Vermont
New England Culinary Institute

Please verify all information for Vermont Culinary Schools. We do not make recommendations or give advice. Do your own thorough investigations of schools.

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