Culinary Schools in Houston

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Searching for culinary schools in Houston? This guide helps you find the Houston culinary school that best fits your needs!

International Culinary School - Art Institute of Houston

The International Culinary School - Art Institute of Houston offers six culinary programs which teach real world skills with hands-on experience:

  • Baking & Pastry-Associate of Applied Science
  • Culinary Arts-Associate of Applied Science
  • Restaurant & Catering Management-Associate of Applied Science
  • Culinary Management-Bachelor of Science
  • Food & Beverage Management -Bachelor of Science
  • Culinary Arts-Diploma

1900 Yorktown Street | Houston, TX 77056-4197
1.713.623.2040 or 1.800.275.4244
International Culinary School - Art Institute of Houston

Culinary Institute LeNotre

Culinary Institute LeNotre in Houston is founded by Alain and his wife Marie. Alain is a certified pastry chef, candy maker and ice cream maker. He trained as a cook at 3-Michelin star restaurant Grand VĂ©four and has over 40 years of experience.

LeNotre has a "fast track" program where students can earn an Associates Degree in 80 weeks (8 quarters of 10 weeks) students. In 120 weeks, students on the fast track can earn 2 degrees Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Culinary Arts and Associate in Applied Sciences in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Culinary Institute LeNotre is not affiliated with LeNotre Paris.

7070 Allensby | Houston, TX 77022
Culinary Institute LeNotre

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