Vegetarian Cooking Classes ... including vegan cooking classes and raw food classes

Vegetarian cooking classes for the public are definitely the minority--bad news for us vegans and vegetarians.

The good news is that when you find them, they are gems because the owners are so passionate about their cooking philosophy that they want to tell the world.

And who wouldn't be when it comes to healthier food.

Here is a collection of classes we have found, and we continue to add to this page as we find them because they are worth looking for. 

The cooking classes listed here have the more substantial vegetarian cooking class offerings as well as other types of plant-based healthy cooking classes. 

If you aren't near any schools on this list, check the cooking classes that are near you or the culinary school near you to see if they have at least one or two vegetarian, vegan or raw foods cooking classes. (Some schools have online courses as noted.)

I have discovered that the more people who inquire about vegetarian offerings, the more the school will be inclined to offer them. So please inquire as often as you can.

Vegetarian classes usually fill up fast. Register early.

New School of Cooking

Culver City, California (Los Angeles) 

Known for its hands-on approach to teaching. While not entirely vegetarian, there are many offerings of vegetarian cooking classes. They have a 4-week Basic Vegetarian class.  New School of Cooking

The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cookery

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Variety of types of classes depending on what you are comfortable with: Demo, Intensive Study, a 6 month program, and 4 month comprehensive. Her focus is strong on healthy living.

The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cookery

Natural Cookery

Boulder, Colorado - Some Online courses available

In studio classes: Hands-On Vegan pastry course - Main Meals - Community Dinner

Get ready to get healthier with these comprehensive courses. 

"In Your Own Kitchen" Classes: No matter where you live, if you have a computer, you can participate in their online courses. 

Natural Cookery

The Natural Epicurean - School of Culinary Arts

Austin, Texas - This is a professional cooking school that also has classes for the public. Combines all the healthy types of cooking: vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, gluten free and more.

Periodic classes: check their schedule - 

Natural Epicurean Academy

Natural Gourmet Institute

New York City - public classes and restaurant for public. Well known for its plant-based philosophy. Not entirely vegetarian but heavily focused on healthy cooking.

When you see their schedule, you'll wish you lived nearby so you can attend. Classes fill up fast.

In addition to their monthly cooking classes, there is also a 2 week summer intensive class.

Natural Gourmet Institute Public Classes

Purely raw food classes (in addition to above) ...

Raw Bay Area

Berkeley, California (Northern California) Some classes in Los Angeles as well -

In addition to classes, there are some unique offerings such as personal consulting, coaching, and transforming your kitchen. 

You can sign up with your own personal group of friends for a private session. (verify information).

Raw Bay Area

Raw Food Chef

Fort Bragg, California (Bay Area - Northern California)

No matter what your level of experience with cooking, you will be welcomed here. Learn gourmet raw vegan cooking techniques from authorities on raw food cooking. These classes are especially good for those wanting to start a raw food lifestyle.

Some great holiday classes, seasonal classes and dehydration classes. Also, Asian Fusion and fermentation classes are unique offerings.

If out of town, there are accommodations that are reasonably priced at the Living Light Inn. For coaching you do not need to live in the area as it is done through 30-minute phone consultations.

Raw Food Chef

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